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our mission: transformation.

World Idea

Project 28's mission is to promote transformation in your personal life and in the life of your church. We want to help you be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and help you help others do the same. We want to help empower you and your local church leadership to become a transformational equipping center, joyfully and effectively fulfilling the Great Commission.

Let's talk first about individual transformation. To become a great carpenter or a great cook, there are specific things you need to know and do well. If you don't, the house won't get built and the food won’t taste good! Same is true in our Christian lives. When we know and do certain things well, our lives are fulfilled and progressing. When we don’t, our lives don't work like they should. So, how many of us are really knowing and doing things well? Not enough. Leaders say their number one challenge is helping people actually follow godly principles. We all have a lot of room to improve.

Project 28 answers this challenge by combining the world’s most effective learning methods with compelling Scriptural content, to help us define, measure, increase, sustain, and multiply our progress in the Christian life.

To help your church, Project 28 also offers structure, strategy, and leadership consulting (using proven change models from MIT, Yale, Harvard, and Stanford research) to help transform Christian churches into the world's great equipping centers they were originally intended to be. Project 28 is Ivy League horsepower and strategic thinking behind the most significant purpose in existence: the Matthew 28 commission.