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chris dunayski

Chris is a motivating and compelling leader with a great love for the church! His mission is to honor God with his thoughts, words, and actions, and inspire others do the same.

After graduating with a management information systems degree from Washington State University, Chris led multi-million-dollar technology migration projects for Washington State Labor & Industries.

Chris then joined forces with Erik to help lead an advertising and communication company to 130% average annual growth, four years in a row. Chris and Erik then went on to start an internet publishing company, where Chris led subscriber growth to over 1.5 million daily readers from 190 countries around the world.

Chris then founded and ran an internet marketing company, creating where he used his business development skills to create over 40,000 e-commerce transactions in just eighteen months. He also founded and ran a mortage company from 2002 to 2009, and has worked with Erik in corporate learning initiatives in the corporate and church world.

A consummate coach, Chris is a strategic part of the small group leadership at Champions Centre, where he's served as a volunteer for over fifteen years. He also serves as a strategic advisor to corporate and church leaders.

As co-founder and president, Chris brings passion, influence, and business leadership experience to the Project 28 team. He's a husband of fifteen years, and father of three.


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chris dunayski

Chris is co-founder and President of Project 28, marketing entrepreneur, husband of fifteen years, and father of three.