the life and work of

erik van alstine

Erik Van Alstine is a dynamic communicator, change expert, and strategic leader with a big heart for the church! His mission is to inspire and promote greatness in people and organizations around the world.

hear one of erik's recent messages, a worthy life.

Segment 1 - A Modern Parable: Saving Private Ryan (2:54)
Segment 2 - Truth #1: Your Life is Worth Saving (8:38)
Segment 3 - Truth #2: Called to Live a Worthy Life (5:41)
Segment 4 - Truth #3: A Deep, Enduring Desire to Honor God (7:21)
Segment 5 - Serving Our Commander-in-Chief (6:56)
Segment 6 - Will You Choose a Worthy Life? (3:51)

After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Washington, Erik started an advertising communication company and grew it over seven years to near Inc. 500 status and multi-millions in sales before the age of 30. That year, his venture failed tragically, a story which Erik tells in his recently published personal finance program, Breaking Free. In 1999, Erik picked up the pieces and founded an internet publishing company that grew to 1.5 million readers in over 190 countries around the world.

Erik is founder of an integrated learning provider for Global 5000 companies, and founder of a strategic leadership consulting company that has served several New York Times bestselling authors, the foremost professor of leadership at the Harvard Business School, company executives, and the largest retailers in the world.

Erik is also the founder and chairman of Project 28, a learning provider and leadership consulting firm for Christian ministries. Project 28 combines the world's best corporate training methods, structures and strategies and technology with Biblical content to empower the church to fulfill Matthew 28:19-20: the commission to teach everyone to know and follow the commands of Jesus Christ.

Erik is also a teaching pastor at Champions Centre, a thriving non-denominational church in the heart of the Northwest with campuses in Bellevue and Tacoma, Washington, where he was ordained in 1992.

Erik’s combination of experience in Christian ministry, corporate learning, and entrepreneurial leadership provides a unique and compelling perspective into the dynamics of personal and organizational transformation.

He and his wife Sandy have six children, have been married for 20 years, and live in the Seattle area.

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