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Give us a minute, and we'll give you a piece of our mind. Yeah, we admit, we're a couple of big talkers. Loud and animated too. Let's just say it's a big, loud, and animated love for you and your church. Hopefully you'll be inspired and motivated by our passion to promote transformation and advance the greatest cause on earth: The Great Commission. Enjoy!

Erik Van Alstine's Blog

Erik Van Alstine

Erik brings strategic leadership, humor, and a joyful love for the church to Project 28. He is co-founder and chairman of Project 28, author of Breaking Free, learning entrepreneur, teaching pastor at Champions Centre, husband of twenty years, and father of six. His mission is to promote transformation in individuals and organizations around the world, with a special focus on equipping churches and their members. A creative, strategic thinker and a humorous and powerful communicator, Erik's insights into the roots of change and transformation are sure to help you and your organization.

Chris Dunayski's Blog

Chris Dunayski

Chris brings discipleship passion, powerful leadership, and a great heart for the church to Project 28. He is co-founder and president of Project 28, marketing entrepreneur, leader coach at Champions Centre, husband of fifteen years, and father of three. His strategic gifting, systems emphasis, and passion for coaching makes Chris a powerful and effective influencer whose mission is to honor God with thoughts, words, and actions, and inspire others to do the same. Chris' head-on, confident, and encouraging style of leadership helps mobilize church leaders and motivate members to win in life.