The Power of Contentment

Margin: The Key to a Better Life.

Life is a bumpy road. The potholes, ruts and rubble of circumstance come at us fast as we motor along, especially when it comes to our personal finances. Unexpected car and home repairs, promised bonuses that never arrive, increased cost of living, and steep medical costs and higher insurance premiums - all these jolt our financial lives and drain our bank accounts.

What we need is some padding under our seat to absorb the bumps. We need the financial shock absorber called margin to help us through.. . .

making change stick

The road rules of change.

So often I hear people tell me how they are struggling sticking to a plan. Whether it be working out, dieting or working your way out of debt, there are keys that must be met. Human nature is to go it alone and to get overconfident that you have it down. Follow these simple rules and you will usher in the change you are looking for.. . .

breaking free

Four keys to a solid financial foundation.

The more the economy continues to bump along, without much evidence of rebound, anxieties and fears accumulate in the back corridors of our minds. We don't like uncertainty, especially financial uncertainty. Have you noticed how many people are ready for change? Can you see how much need we all have for financial breakthrough? . . .










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