making change stick

The road rules of change.

So often I hear people tell me how they are struggling sticking to a plan. Whether it be working out, dieting or working your way out of debt, there are keys that must be met. Human nature is to go it alone and to get overconfident that you have it down. Follow these simple rules and you will usher in the change you are looking for.

  1. Stay Accountable. While it may not be natural to seek out accountability, it will help you to accomplish things you otherwise wouldn’t. Accountability causes us to get up for the gym when we know we are meeting our personal trainer. No trainer, no get up for gym.
  2. Network with others. This is crucial to your success. Connecting with others going in the same direction will give you consistent support, creative ideas and fuel to stay the course
  3. Daily doses of motivation. Motivation is like a daily vitamin. Once in a while is not enough. It’s the constant doses that make the difference. In Breaking Free workshop, we teach people to clearly write down their dreams for their future. The key here is to place the written dreams in a place that you can read daily and actually take a moment to see yourself achieving those goals and feel the emotion. That simple process of read, picture and feel will provide you the motivation you need.
  4. Follow the system. Just yesterday, I was working with someone that was trying to deviate from the proven system. DON’T DO THAT. Build a habit with the system until it is working you towards your goals. You can always look to modify slightly in future but only once you have mastered it.
  5. Work with a coach. The accountability and wisdom from a coach can help you to avoid drifting. So many times, people start down the right road, going the right direction but they get off track. A coach can help you see things you simply just don’t see.

The fact that you are reading this blog shows you want to grow and you are teachable. No more detours, let’s commit to making the changes that lead to a purpose filled life.

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