Knowing and Doing

The Way You Play.

This week I had the privilege of keynoting a main session at the Foursquare Pacific Coast & Valleys District Fall Leader's Conference in Pismo Beach, California. I met a lot of fantastic people, thanks to John Tolle and his team!

While I was there, we gave away the Breaking Free DVD, Workbook, and 40-Day Devotional to every one of the ninety churches in attendance, and did a workshop to show how Breaking Free is transforming churches. It sure feels good to support pastors who are advancing the world's greatest cause, the Great Commission!

During one workshop, Chris Dunayski and I were talking about how Breaking Free's online assessment and coaching program has the power to help people make measurable progress in the curriculum, and pastor Marty Walker and Jonathan Edwards of The Sanctuary church gave us a powerful insight. Jonathan said, "Keeping score changes the way you play."

Keeping score changes the way you play. Well said, Jonathan and Marty! I love that phrase, and have been thinking about it ever since. Imagine the NBA without hoops and scoreboards or the NFL without goal lines and goalposts. Everyone sits around, nothing to do. Teams don't form. Purpose is nonexistent.

Same is true in the transformation game. When we don't know where we're going, or have nowhere to go, there's no life, no energy, no vitality.

This is why Project 28 offers assessment and coaching programs to go along with our curriculum and that of our ministry partners. When we measure, we can get measurably better. Measurement is the first step to transformation. Keeping score changes the way we play. It changes the way we disciple others and pursue the best in the Christian life. Whenever the outcome is clear, and feedback is immediate and measurable, we get into a game-playing mindset that hones our focus and inspires us to go after progress in transforming new ways.

Erik is a transformation expert and the author of the personal finance small group and seminar program, Breaking Free: Financial Strategies that Transform Debt into Wealth. Take our free MoneyFinder Quiz to see just how much payoff Breaking Free can create for you!