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Why Money Grows on Trees.

You know what I think is interesting about money? So many have the wrong idea of what it really is. Money is nothing in and of itself. It has no inherent value. It’s simply a way to store value. It is a medium of exchange, a way to trade.

Since money and value are closely related, try this: switch the word “money” with the word “value” in your conversation. See how it sounds. “I wish I could make more money” becomes “I wish I could create more value.” Feel the difference? Our perspective switches. We realize that value-creation comes first. Then, and only then, do we exchange that value using dollars, silver, gold, salt, peppercorns, or whatever people want to use.

I love how parents tell their kids, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” But I tell my kids it does. Every year we vacation in Eastern Washington, right next to the massive Columbia River. I love the rocky desert, towering canyons, and lush green orchards over there. Every summer, these fruit trees are producing value, converting sunshine, soil, and water into sweet delicious. They’re creating so much value that the growers have to prop up the branches with sticks.

The Columbia River orchards offer a great picture of wealth. Yes, money is growing on those trees, because value is growing there. At harvest, the grower trades apples for dollars because apples rot, and dollars don’t. Money is simply a better way to store the value of the apples.

When we switch the word money for the word value, we get past a lot of our "money hang-ups." If you asked people, “Does God want you to be rich?,” most will say no. They'll also tell you, misquoting Scripture, that "money is the root of all evil." But when you change the question to, “Does God want you to create value with your life?,” the answer is absolutely yes.

God wants you to be as fruitful as you can possibly be! Use your brilliant mind and capable hands to get about creating value! The money will follow.

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