knowing and doing

Ten Times the Power.

Recently I came across this profound and amazing verse in Ecclesiastes 7:19: "Wisdom makes one wise man more powerful than ten rulers in a city."

Consider the comparison Solomon is making. On the one hand, he shows us one wise man. Not one world leader. Not one powerful preacher. Not one famous celebrity. Just a simple, solitary wise man.

On the other hand, he shows us ten city rulers. Powerful men. Capable men. Proven leaders who are respected and revered by many.

It seems like there couldn't even be a comparison here. How could one simple man measure up to ten powerful rulers? On the surface, it seems the ten rulers would win any contest of power. The odds are stacked heavily against the one man.

But this isn't just any man. This is a wise man. His wisdom is the x-factor, giving him more than ten times a ruler's power. His wisdom doesn't just give him equal power with ten rulers. It gives him more power than all of them combined. Wisdom trumps title, position, and large numbers, ten times over.

The wise man strikes at the root. The rulers hack at the leaves. The wise man drains the swamp. The rulers fight gators one at a time. The wise man pulls the big levers of change. The rulers fret and fiddle with the smaller levers. The wise man creates incredible results. He is extraordinary. His work represents a transcendent, God-breathed, world-creating, value-building power that is profound and wonderful beyond measure.

Man, that makes me want more wisdom! Here at Project 28, we value wisdom. We serve as long-established leaders in a church (Champions Centre) whose central value is wisdom, and whose senior pastor's mission is to "locate and communicate wisdom." Every day, we seek to represent the spirit of our local church in our work, and ask God to help us use the tenfold power of wisdom to truly build people and do justice to the world's greatest cause: the Great Commission.

This is one reason we search out the best methods for transforming people and churches. We believe God has offered us wisdom from his Word. And given the fact that He's the Creator and sustainer of everything, He's also revealed wisdom in His World. Both Word and World offer incredible wisdom from our Creator, if we'd simply ask for it and search it out.

We are on a quest to find the best ways to get the job of discipleship done, no matter where it may be found, just like Solomon sought out and collected the great wisdom in ancient time from many different sayings and sources. In this search we've discovered a method for accelerating discipleship that is ten times more effective than traditional methods, and we pray that the church will use it to make a difference in the people of their community.

Erik is the author of the personal finance discipleship system, Breaking Free: Financial Strategies that Transform Debt into Wealth. Take our free MoneyFinder Quiz to see just how much payoff Breaking Free can create for you!