the building blocks of transformation

Five Steps to Greatness.

If you check out the vision page on this Project 28 website, you'll see a brief analysis of the Great Commission. I'll tell you, calling it "Great" is an understatement. Personally, I stand in awe and marvel at its implications, something I'll no doubt share more with you in posts to come.

So, how do we get about fulfilling it? What steps can we take to implement this mandate in our individual lives and in our communities? It's like the question, "How do you eat an elephant?" And the answer is, one bite at a time. Here are the steps . . .


The first bite in the transformation process is to define specifically what we must know and do to be fully-committed followers of Christ. What's the Great Commission ideal in terms of thinking and behavior? Fortunately for us, we have the words of Scripture to guide us. But I ask you, how many Christians know exactly what is expected of them in the Christian life? We need definition. We need a clear target.


The next bite is measurement against the ideal. Where are we really? When we get on the discipleship scale, what are the numbers? Paul told us to examine ourselves, test ourselves, to see if we are truly in the faith. Transformation happens when we measure ourselves against the knowledge and behavioral ideals established by Christ's words and work.


After we've defined and measured, we take the third and biggest bite, which is to increase our knowing and doing. What can we do to better align our knowing and doing with the standards of the Great Commission? What basic steps can we take to measurably improve as Christians?


The fourth bite is sustainment. How can we keep from moving backward and sustain a level of knowledge and application. How do we keep ourselves from losing hard-won ground?


And finally, the fifth bite: multiplication. The Great Commission doesn't allow us to keep our growing to ourselves. We have the privilege and responsibility to help others along the way. Every Christ-follower has a mandate to influence positive change in as many people as they can, in every place they can, and any time they can, as long as they can. We've been called to plant seeds of truth, nurture them along, and reap hundred-fold harvests.

Define. Measure. Increase. Sustain. Multiply. These are the buildng blocks and stepping stones of transformation - what Project 28 seeks to help Christians and church leaders create in the years ahead.

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