Opportunity Cost

When Ignorance Isn't Bliss.

In Colossians chapter four Paul advises, "be wise in the way you act...make the most of every opportunity." Notice that Paul didn't say, "Make the most of a few opportunities." He didn't say, "Make the most of opportunities you're aware of." He said make the most of every opportunity.

Ever heard of the term, "opportunity cost"? An economist would explain it as "the cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action, or the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action." Since none of us speak econobonics, let's translate. Opportunity cost is the price of not doing what Paul said in Colossians chapter four. It's the cost of failing to make the most of every opportunity.

Let's say you received two job offers. Both jobs are exactly alike: same hours, benefits, commute distance, quality of work experience, and quality of people. But one pays $50,000 per year and the other $75,000.

If, for some strange reason, you took the $50,000 position, that decision cost you $25,000. You didn't make the most of the opportunity.

Of course, it would be ridiculous to make this choice. But what if you didn't know about the higher-paying job? What if you weren't aware of the greater opportunity out there? The truth is, you still missed out on $25,000. Opportunity cost tells us that ignorance isn't bliss. Ignorance is expensive.

The key to change is discovering hidden opportunity costs. When we discover these hidden costs, we create new incentives to change. The powerful forces of loss aversion kick in and motivate us when we see what we're missing in our little bubble-world of status quo.

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