The Unfortunate Math of Human Nature

Two Thousand Members. Six Treadmills.

A few years ago I was working out in my local gym, a little strip-mall establishment in Gig Harbor, Washington. I thought to myself, "I wonder how many members belong here?" Every time I was there, I only saw a handful of people. How do they stay in business?

Well, I found out that business was REALLY good. The gym has over TWO THOUSAND paying members. I was shocked. Do the math: two thousand paying members, but only six treadmills.

You know what this says to me? A lot of people want to change. We all want to get fit and strong, we want to manage our money well, we want to be better spouses and parents. We want to live a better life.

But wanting isn't enough. Wanting must somehow become doing. The book of James says, "Don't just listen to the word, and fool yourselves. Do what it says."

You know, when I heard how many paid the fee but how few actually show up, I started feeling kinda good about myself. After all, I was one of the few. But then it dawned on me. The only reason I'm here is my workout buddy. If it hadn't been for that meaningful, accountable, and purposeful relationship, I'd be just like everyone else.

This tells me we need each other if we're gonna really change.

It's 2010. A new year, and the dawn of a new decade. The most powerful and life-changing new thing we can do is get involved in a small group and develop accountability and growth-centered relationships. Small discipleship groups are like the local gym and the workout buddies that help us get fit and strong.

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Erik is a change expert and author of the personal finance discipleship system, Breaking Free: Financial Strategies that Transform Debt into Wealth. Breaking Free is like driver's ed in your financial life, a powerful video curriculum that offers experiential learning, assessment, and transformation! Take our free MoneyFinder Quiz to see just how much payoff Breaking Free can create for you!