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Breaking Free: financial strategies that transform debt into wealth

a powerful new personal finance program

How would you like to break the power of debt and financial worry, and start rapidly building your wealth, from month one? How would you like to own your house and your car free and clear, and never have to worry about a monthly payment or a creditor ever again? How would you like to have perfect clarity about your financial direction, and start taking bold steps in that direction today? You can, with the Breaking Free small group and seminar program.

Breaking Free is a powerful, Biblically-based personal finance small group and seminar program that helps you break debt, build wealth, and discover your God-given purpose. It saves you hundreds of dollars a month immediately, while giving you spiritual and financial clarity along with a big dose of peace of mind. The Breaking Free system includes the 4-Disc DVD set, Deluxe Edition workbook with unlimted online assessment and coaching program access, and 40-day Devotional Journal.

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the complete debt-elimation and wealth-building system!

Breaking Free's debt-elimination and wealth-building small group program incorporates the best of technology, methods, and materials for helping you get total financial mastery. Here's a brief description of the workbook, DVD's, and online assessment and coaching tool. For more about how these powerful components work together in a group workshop, take a look at the Breaking Free Challenge website!

Deluxe workbook

Deluxe Workbook

The Breaking Free illustrated workbook offers strategic content and life-changing personal and group exercises, designed to give you just the right amount of information to put these principles into action.

Each of the eight workbook sessions include fascinating magazine-style feature articles, a place to take session notes as you watch the DVDs, and carefully crafted application sections designed to help you rapidly learn and apply this debt-elimination and wealth-building system.

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4-Disc DVD Video

4-Disc DVD

Packed with almost eight hours of interactive and engaging workshop sessions, these video lessons walk you through the process of getting out of debt and into wealth, step by step. Just plug in a DVD, push play, and your workshop has begun!

Follow along in your workbooks as Erik guides you through a complete facilitation with timed group and individual exercises. Each session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

As you use Breaking Free in group settings, you have the peace of mind that you won’t be asked to share personal financial information. Instead, you'll work to help fictional Sam and Sally, the average couple with the average debt, get out of debt and into abundance. Then use the same exercises and strategies for your personal finances.

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103-question Assessment

Online Assessment

The Breaking Free unlimited-use online assessment and coaching program comes with the deluxe workbook, and helps you measure and improve your knowledge and application of these life-changing financial principles.

With just ten minutes of interaction in the program, you’ll discover how you’re doing, what you know, and the easy steps you can take to improve your score and your skill.

After you take the assessment, you get a custom-tailored list of things to work on. Keep working and learning until you reach at least 80 percent!

This measurement tool has incredible power to help you really change. When used with an acountability parter, it is guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars a month and transform your financial life!

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