delivering individual and organizational transformation.

As experts in the science and structure of transformation, content development, and blended learning, we can help you learn and grow more effectively than ever before. Our experience in strategic consulting in churches and Fortune 1000 companies will help you better lead change in a complex volunteer-centric culture. We have change management and leadership experience from partnership with New York Times bestselling authors and experts from prestigious universities like Harvard Business School and Stanford University. We've helped put these methods into action with peak performing individuals and winning sports teams all around the world.

What we’ve found is that the right combination of structure, people, content, methods and technology has the power to create enormous increases in individual skill, and enormous increases in organizational capacity. Discipleship programs and processes that offer just the right mix of 1) to-the-point, relevant content, 2) short-form and frequent self-study, 3) structured weekly group interaction and reinforcement, 4) monthly measurement and coaching technologies, and 5) peer and group leader accountability, can increase retention and application more than tenfold over standard seminar and small group methods. Organizational leadership that can use the Harvard Change Model to structure internal culture, human resources and processes to deliver these discipleship programs effectively will find their organizations equipped with amazing new levels of growth capacity.

Project 28 offers this combination of leadership consulting and strategic learning delivery, delivering one of the most effective systems for personal and organizational transformation you’ll ever find.

define, measure, increase, sustain and multiply.

Given so great a mandate as the Great Commission, how do we get about fulfilling it? It's like the question, "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer is, one bite at a time.

First, we must define specifically what we must know and do to be fully-committed followers of Christ. Then, we need to measure ourselves against those knowledge and behavioral ideals. After we've measured, we must increase our knowing and doing. And after increasing, the key is not moving backward, but sustaining a level of knowledge and application. Finally, we are asked to help others do the same, multiplying our progress by influencing others.

These are the buildng blocks of personal and organizational transformation - what Project 28 seeks to help Christians and church leaders create and implement in the months and years ahead.