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Scoring your assessment: a blend of knowing and doing.

Breaking Free

Our scoring philosophy is built on the idea that transformation starts when knowledge and application work together. Scripture says it this way: faith without works is dead. If we know we should help the needy but don't do it, the needy aren't helped. If we know we need to eat right and exercise but don't actually do it, we don't become healthy. Knowledge without application is useless.

With this in mind, we've tailored our assessments so you get a good score only when you score high in both knowledge and application.

categories of knowledge and application

In each assessment, questions are divided into knowledge and application categories. Application questions relate to behavior, such as "Have you selected an accountability partner?" The rest of the questions relate to knowledge, like, "Do you know why it is important to have an accountability partner?"

weighted questions

Some knowledge and application questions are worth more percentage points than others. Vital knowledge questions might be three to ten times more important than trivial knowledge questions. Same is true for application questions. Some application is more important, and we've worked to reflect these differences in your scoring.

things to work on

When you miss a question, your assessment results show a "Things to Work On" page that enables you to see how many percentage points you gain from getting the question right in the future. This is how you know how much weighting we've given each question in both knowledge and application categories.

overall score: knowledge times application

Your overall score is what you get when you multiply the knowledge score and application score for each assessment. So if you score a 100% on knowledge, but only 10% on application, your overall score is 10%. If you score 50% on knowledge and 50% on application, your overall score is 25%. The only way to get a high overall score is to score well in both knowledge and application.

We hope this helps you better understand how Project 28 scores your assessment, and we trust that your scores will increase in the days and months ahead. Happy growing!