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Our assessments and discipleship programs will transform your life! Each program includes an unlimited-use assessment that scores your knowledge and application of important Scriptural truths, as well as a custom-tailored "Things to Work On" list to help you measurably improve!


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Honor's Reward Assessment & Discipleship Program

Honor's Reward online discipleship program.

Retail Price: $19.95 USD

Get honor's full reward with this unlimited-use, 113-question assessment and coaching program based on John Bevere's bestselling book, Honor's Reward: How to Attract God's Favor and Blessing. This powerful program measures your knowledge of the principles in the book, and encourages you to put them into practice, with custom-tailored discipleship steps based on your specific answers. Activation codes are avaialable exclusively through Messenger International. To purchase, click here.

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The Project 28 Assessment

The Project 28 Assessment.

Free (Retail Value: $19.95)

The Project 28 Assessment helps you measure your life to a basic standard of Christian knowledge and action. Accelerate your Christian growth and renew your mind, so you can follow Christ wholeheartedly and fulfill the world's greatest cause: the Great Commission.

Free license key includes unlimited use of this 68-question assessment, and custom-tailored discipleship direction based on your assessment results.

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Breaking Free Personal Finance Small Group Program

the Breaking Free personal finance program!

This powerful, Biblically-based debt-elimination and wealth-building system saves you hundreds of dollars a month, immediately, while giving you financial clarity and peace of mind.

Deluxe Edition includes 4-Disc DVD, 128-page workbook, 40-Day Devotional Journal and 103-question online assessment and coaching program.

Order Breaking Free: Financial Strategies that Transform Debt Into Wealth today.

The Project 28 Assessment

The MoneyFinder Assessment.

30 Questions, Free (Retail Value: $9.95)

This free, unlimited-use, 30-question assessment measures the vital principles and practices for managing your money. MoneyFinder is a free introductory companion assessment of Breaking Free, designed to help you discover how much extra money you could realize from the Breaking Free debt-elimination and wealth-building program.

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Forces Small Group Program

the forces that form your future small group program!

Retail Price: $19.95 USD

How different would your life be today if your relationships had been different? Or your dreams, your habits, or your beliefs? In Kevin Gerald's practical, powerful, and best-selling book, you'll discover the nine forces that most impact the outcome of your life, along with clear principles for realizing the perfect will of God for your future.

The Forces That Form Your Future small group edition includes a transforming ten-week DVD workshop experience, the book, and a powerful companion online assessment and coaching program to help you really put these future-forming forces to work for a better tomorrow.